I started out in photography in 2004, purchasing a small handheld digital camera that within a few weeks had been dropped and broken by a friend. Under deterred I purchased a Nikon D70 and went off travelling Scotland and Canada taking thousands of shots in the Scottish Highlands, Vancouver Island and the Rockies. Reviewing these images was a huge disappointment and so I set out to learn everything I could about photography to improve my image quality.
I purchased a huge amount of equipment, the best quality lenses, resin filters and all sorts of gadgets from remote controls to portable storage devices. I invested a huge amount of time in reading magazines, attending courses and workshops and talking to photographers including Dennis Dunning, Joe Cornish and David Ward. They provided the knowledge I needed to develop. Going out to locations at various times of the year and judging when the location would look at it's best allowed me to put that knowledge into practice. If it wasn't right I'd go back until it was.
My ethics were always to get the shot right in the camera and that image must reflect what I saw at the time. I was happy to make mistakes as long as I learnt from them and went back to take what I felt was the best image I could produce. I'm comfortable in using the computer to import the image and make basic changes like removing a dust spot or adjusting the contrast but not to use the computer for any major enhancements like bringing a sky in from another image or using digital filters to enhance an image.
Over the years my photography skills improved and my images began being published worldwide in magazines and images used in books and in corporate marketing materials. You can find my images on book covers, calendars and so much more.

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